Site Policies for Life Model On-Line Education

Please read and follow our site policies.
If you think someone is violating our policies, please contact one of your instructors via the Message system in the course and let them know.

Respecting Copyrighted Materials
Unless otherwise stated, material on this sight is covered by U.S. copyright laws and remains the property of those who authored it. Students will respect the rights of this material and not distribute it to others by any means.

Material Contributed by Students
Most classes will include student participation, often in the form of writing or uploading documents and images. Students will not contribute any copyrighted materials unless proper permission and/or citations are included. Students will not plagiarize work of other people.

Student Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and with integrity. Interactions among students or between students and teachers will reflect the values and purposes of this site. No flaming of other members of this community will be tolerated.

Right to Block or Dismiss
We reserve the right to block any person from participating in this site for any reason. Should that happen, any fees collected for unfinished courses will be forfeited by the student and returned only at the discretion of the teachers and administrator.
Last modified: Monday, May 30, 2011, 8:37 PM