Glad you made it to our On-Line Education System

We realize all the options can be a bit intimidating at first. Please take a moment to read this document, and you should be able to get around in our course area without too much trouble.

To See What Courses We Offer
When you are at the Courses Home page, click on any one of the Course Categories, then browse the Course Descriptions.
Much of the time, there will be a Course Category Box on the right side of the page where you have direct access to any course category (you may need to click on "All courses..." in order to see the entire list).
Each course will show either a short description of the course content or else a little information icon info that you can click on for a pop-up description of the course.

To Create A Student Account
On the Course Home page, find the Login Box on the right side of your screen.
Click on Create new account and follow the directions there.

To Enroll in a Course
Find the course you want, as described above.
Click on the Course Title.
There are 3 possibilities:
1) For a free course, you may be admitted immediately.
2) Some courses may request a fixed amount that you can then pay with Paypal.
3) If you are asked for an Enrollment Key, and you do not have one yet, you will need to go to our Web Store and pay for the Course there. The class instructor will then send you the Enrollment Key. You can reach our Web Store from here:

Please note: While you are browsing the course listing, you will see some courses with a little icon next to the title that looks like a key unlocking a door enrolment key. That means you will need an "Enrollment Key" to enter that course.

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